What customer problems are there to listen out for in the Utilities industry?

  • High or unacceptable levels of customer churn.

  • Concerns about emerging power alternatives such as Battery Storage Technology (Tesla's Powerwall and Panasonic's solar battery storage system).

  • Concerns about the limited number of touch points or products they have with their customers.

    • This is particularly relevant if they are interested in expanding their offering with their customers into areas such as telecommunication services (NBN, ADSL and Mobile), home security services or home automation capability

  • Concerns about new entrants into the utility sector such as Dodo.

Supporting proof points

  • Adding a broadband offering can reduce customer churn by as much as 50% whilst also having a positive impact on your revenue, increasing your share of home.

  • Your customers want you to expand your offering. 49% of consumers would be interested in receiving telecommunications services from their electricity provider. 40% of consumers would be interested in receiving home automation services (home security, home automation, etc.) from their electricity provider.

  • Enable you to be a Super Utility to help keep you relevant with your customers and compete against the new entrants and new power alternatives.